Videos – Anti-condensation system

Our latest videos about our Anti-condensation system and condensation in aircraft

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✅ White paper: Anti-condensation system performance in aircraft by CTT Systems

✅ Fuselage condensation is a common problem in aircraft, especially during cruise and descent. It occurs when the cold fuselage temperature causes moisture in the air to condense on the ...inside of the fuselage. This can lead to several problems.
➔ But there is a solution.

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00:00 Introduction
00:05 Fuselage condensation: Facts
00:08 Fuselage condensation: Problems
00:12 Fuselage condensation: Weight gain
00:16 Fuselage condensation: Corrosion
00:19 Fuselage condensation: Electric failures
00:23 Anti-condensation system: How it works
00:26 Anti-condensation system: Performance
00:30 Results: Cost savings and environmental impact

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