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CTT is the leading producer, designer and supplier of products that solves the humidity paradox in aircraft. Available for retrofit and line-fit on commercial aircraft as well as private jet completions.

CTT offers humidifiers and dehumidifiers for absolute control of humidity in an aircraft. 

Humidifier Onboard is improving wellbeing and wellness in flight deck and crew rests on more than 1,000 widebody commercial airliners and close to 100 VIP aircraft. This highly appreciated climate feature has started to migrate to the premium passenger cabin and large-cabin, long-range business jets.

The weight cutting Anti-Fuselage-Condensation system is a green technology and the only measure that tackles the root-cause of condensation – reducing fuel consumption and cutting CO₂ emissions.

Solves the
humidity paradox

CTT solves the humidity paradox in aircraft:

The dry problem: Outside air is extremely dry at cruise altitude. With almost no moisture content at all the cabin air gradually gets more dry as fresh air intake is exchanging humid ground air with super dry air. 

The wet problem: Despite air dryness, the low moisture content in cabin air condensate on the cold fuselage surface. Condensate ice and water increase weight, higher block fuel consumption and higher CO₂/NOx emissions. 

The solution: CTT’s technology is active and tackles the root-causes of the two problems. Humidity can never reach comfort zone with passive means. CTT’s humidifiers generates the striking humidity increase that is required to enhance climate in flight deck, crew rests and cabin. CTT’s de-humidifiers checkmate fuselage condensation and keep the fuselage dry. 

Facts about ctt

  • Founded in 1991 – Based in Sweden
  • Listed: NASDAQ Stockholm, Mid Cap. Ticker: CTT
  • Market leader of humidity control products in aircraft, with two product groups:
    • Humidifiers
    • De-humidifiers
  • Population of more than 5,000 products
  • Humidifiers available for line-fit on Airbus A350, Boeing 787 and Boeing 777X
  • Humidifiers available for retrofit on Boeing 787 / 777 and Airbus A330 / A350.
  • De-humidifiers available for line-fit on Airbus A350 as SFE and BFE on Boeing 737NG.

A profit sharing foundation for all employees

All employees participate in the CTT profit-sharing foundation.   

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CTT Systems


Sustainability and corporate responsibility shall be integrated in CTT’s products / customer offerings and in our business processes. This is a cornerstone in our effort in building a well equipped company that can adapt to future challenges and to leverage possibilities in a constantly changing world.

We have policies and processes in place to guide our work with sustainability issues. Targets and key performance indicators have been set and are continuously followed up. We also have a strong commitment to respect human rights and to take a clear stance against corruption.

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