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Humidifier Pad Assy

The Humidifier Pad Assy from CTT Systems is a groundbreaking innovation, far surpassing the role of a mere consumable. It stands as the heart of the Humidifier Onboard system, a key innovation in the realm of aircraft humidification. Since the launch of the Airbus A380, CTT Systems has been at the forefront, crafting these essential components for all new widebody airframers.

Humidifier pad overview

The Humidifier Pad Assy by CTT Systems is distinguished by its unique Intellectual Property (IP) material, meticulously developed to meet the stringent specifications of aviation leaders Airbus and Boeing. This product transcends the role of a mere component; it is an integral sub-system within the Humidifier Onboard system, adhering to the highest standards of reliability, performance, and safety. 

Innovative material development

When developing line-fit technology, CTT Systems engineers recognized that standard pad materials did not meet the rigorous aviation standards set by Boeing, Airbus, the FAA, and the FDA. In response, CTT Systems formed a strategic alliance with Munters, a leading supplier of climate solutions. Together, they engineered a new and unique humidifier pad material that not only meets but exceeds these stringent standards. 

Aviation standards and OEM humidifier

The CTT Systems humidifier pad assembly is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of aircraft and to integrate seamlessly with OEM humidifier housing. The pad material has undergone extensive testing to ensure it can handle maximum air velocity, adhere to carryover limits, and maintain appropriate pH levels. It features a high fire rating, prevents legionella transfer, and incorporates activated carbon to resist bacterial growth. This material is uniquely qualified to operate under the specific conditions of the OEM humidifier housing, a capability not achievable with standard pad materials.

Ensuring reliability and safety

A critical aspect of the humidifier pad material is its contribution to the reliability and safety of the air supply system. As the air for the flight deck and crew rest areas passes through the Humidifier Onboard system, it is imperative that the pad material remains intact, without releasing any particles or collapsing. The original humidifier pad assembly material from CTT Systems meets FAA Part 25 and EASA CS-25 airworthiness standards, as well as Boeing’s stringent requirements for design, testing, and documentation, ensuring consistent and safe airflow. 

Addressing the dry cabin air

For decades, dry cabin air has been a persistent issue in aviation. Over 20 years ago, CTT Systems pioneered the solution by developing the Humidifier Onboard system based on evaporative cooling technology. This innovation was first embraced by Airbus for the A380 program, followed by Boeing for the 787 program. CTT Systems has since become the exclusive supplier of humidifiers for flight decks, crew rest compartments, and passenger cabins in Airbus A350 and Boeing 777X aircraft. Today, more than 3,000 Humidifier Onboard systems are in service across over 50 airlines worldwide. 


The Humidifier Pad Assy from CTT Systems represents a significant advancement in aircraft humidification technology. With its unique IP material, it sets new standards in the industry, ensuring full compliance with all relevant aviation authorities and industry standards. The Humidifier Pad Assy is not just a component; it is a crucial sub-system designed to work in tandem with the OEM humidifier housing, providing consistent, reliable, and high-performance humidified air flow. Since its introduction in 2007, the CTT Systems Humidifier Onboard system has demonstrated exceptional reliability and is now a feature in nearly 1,500 widebody aircraft. 

Pad assy installation in Humidifier Onboard system

  • Flight Deck
  • Overhead Flight Crew Rest (OFCR)
  • Overhead Flight Attendant Rest (OFAR)

Humidifier pad assy video

411-028-04 Humidifier Pad Assy Original by CTT Systems
Humidifier Onboard with Pad Assy Original by CTT Systems