ACJ is setting a new standard for private jets with Humidifier Onboard​

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) continues its commitment in redefining the flying experience by joining hands with us at CTT Systems. The partnership aims to improve and upgrade passenger experience and wellness by equipping the ACJ airplanes with a state-of-the-art and optimized Inflight Humidification (IHF) system.
ACJ is setting a new standard for private jets with Humidifier Onboard from CTT Systems
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When flying ACJ aircraft, the cabin performance shall empower passengers to maximize the experience of leading-edge cabin features. The extremely dry cabin air without a cabin humidification system hinders passengers from fully benefiting from the ACJ experience. 

Imagine in-flight dining with food and beverages tasting as they do on the ground, and you arrive at your destination feeling better rested and refreshed. ACJ is making this vision a reality by featuring the CTT Systems Humidifier Onboard system, a game-changer in sensory experience. This innovative system ensures a cabin environment with up to 22% relative humidity (RH), compared to a standard climate with RH below 5%, significantly improving passenger well-being and creating the ultimate comfort zone in the skies. The oasis in the desert! 

We are committed to offering the best possible flying experience, The CTT Humidifier Onboard system is a key part of our cabin comfort offering, and we are confident that it will be a valuable asset for our customers.

Upgrading both people and their well-being

As ACJ leads the way in enhancing passengers’ well-being, CTT Systems Humidifier Onboard plays a pivotal role in this transformation. By generating an in-flight oasis, ACJ passengers will benefit and thrive from improved well-being, reduced fatigue and jet lag. Thanks to this collaboration, ACJ´s clients and passengers, can now look forward to a transformed journey where comfort and health go hand in hand.

Humidifier Onboard is popular among ACJ´s customers

The new enhanced humidifier system has already proven to be popular among ACJ’s customers. CTT Systems has from the start of 2022 to date, September 2023, received orders for five, ACJ319/ACJ320, aircraft on the new enhanced humidification system, making it a de facto standard for all new ACJ-320 Family aircraft. 

CTT is proud to partner with ACJ to offer our cabin air humidifier system for the ACJ TwoTwenty, which is a game-changer in the business jet market. Our system will enhance the comfort and well-being of passengers and crew on board this innovative aircraft and make them feel more at home in the skies.

The benefits of enhanced cabin humidification

An upgraded and more comfortable, enhanced and healthier flying experience.

  • Improved well-being and sleep
    • Passengers can enjoy a more relaxed and rejuvenated journey, arriving at their destination feeling better rested and refreshed. 
  • Enjoy the flight with enhanced senses
    • CTT Systems humidified cabin air transforms in-flight dining, with food and beverages tasting as they do on the ground. Normalized taste buds mean there’s no need to overindulge in salt or sugar, promoting healthier food. 
  • Reduced dry air-related issues
    • With relative humidity levels matching the ones at home, passengers can bid farewell to common dry air-related problems such as fatigue, jet lag, red eyes and dry skin. 
  • Dehydration prevention
    • The system effectively prevents dehydration, protecting passengers’ eyes, sinuses, mucous membranes, and immune systems. This results in a more comfortable and healthier flying experience. 

Humidification in the entire cabin with total moisture protection

ACJ, CTT and PMV have jointly developed and optimized CTT’s IFH system for the ACJ320 Family and ACJ TwoTwenty business jet. ACJ is selling the ACJ-Enhanced IFH system together with new-built (green) aircraft, offered as a bolt-on-kit with the STC from PMV. 

Without an efficient humidification system, a private jet cabin is far more dehydrating than any place on Earth – below 5% RH. The ACJ-Enhanced Inflight Humidification system generates a striking humidity increase, restoring cabin air humidity to comfort and well-being level, to approx. 20 – 22 percent Relative Humidity (RH). The CTT humidifier is based on evaporative cooling technology and uses a method that effectively precludes the transfer of bacteria. The ACJ-Enhanced IFH system also features total moisture protection to prevent moisture issues such as rain-in-the-plane, foggy windows and fuselage corrosion. 

Available ACJ models with a humidification system option

The ACJ TwoTwenty will feature this humidification system as part of its cabin catalog, but it’s not limited to just one model. 

The system is available on

  • ACJ’s TwoTwenty
  • ACJ319neo
  • ACJ320neo

Available ACJ models with retrofit humidification system option

Additionally, it can be retrofitted on 

  • ACJ319ceo and ACJ320ceo (subject to preliminary aircraft inspection) 

In conclusion

ACJ’s partnership with CTT Systems sets a new standard for private jets and aviation comfort. Air travel has never been this comfortable, and ACJ and CTT Systems are at the forefront of this transformation. Passengers can now soar through the skies with their upgraded well-being, comfort, and health in mind, ensuring that every flight is a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. 

Welcome onboard an ACJ with Humidifier Onboard  
– upgraded to true VIP standard 

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