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White papers: Optimizing humidity in aircraft by CTT Systems

Welcome, and read our white papers about anti-condensation and the importance of cabin humidification in aircraft – from a scientific, health and economic point of view.  

At CTT Systems we have worked with optimizing humidity in aircraft since 1994. We offer Humidifier Onboard and Anti-condensation system for absolute control of humidity in aircraft.

Anti-condensation system performance in aircraft

Fuselage condensation is a common problem in aircraft, especially during cruise and descent. It
occurs when the cold fuselage temperature causes moisture in the air to condense on the inside of the fuselage. This can lead to several problems.

White paper - Humidification for Flight Deck - CTT Systems

Humidification for Flight Deck

During a long-haul flight, dry flight deck air dehydrates the mucous membranes in the nose and throat. These are part of our first defense against bacteria and viruses, containing antibodies that physically catch and destroy pathogens.

Humidification for Crew Rest Compartment

Understanding the dry reality of crew rest compartments unveils a critical aspect of aviation that directly impacts the well-being and performance of flight crews. Extended periods in dry air mean gradual dehydration of mucous membranes and a big impact on crew members’ immune systems. 

White paper: Humidification for air freighters and pilots

Humidification for air freighters and pilots

At typical cruising altitudes, the Relative Humidity (RH) in the cockpit and crew rest compartments can be as low as 3% – drier than some of the aridest places on Earth. This extreme dryness increases serious risks for a weakened immune system and has a negative impact on sleep.

White paper - Importance of aircraft cabin humidity - From a scientific point of view - CTT Systems

Importance of aircraft cabin humidity – from a scientific point of view

The moisture in the air we breathe is essential to life, as our respiratory system would collapse without humidity in the air. Aircraft cabin air is extremely dry. An aircraft is by far the most dehydrating environment on Earth.