Humidifier Onboard



Humidifier 0nboard generates the striking humidity increase that elevates climate in a Business Class cabin from the driest of deserts to comfort and wellness level.

In World’s best cabin climate the experience boundaries are pushed even further. Humidifier 0nboard transforms the experience ahead and beyond comfort to embrace senses and maintain the body’s moisture balance. Hereby quality of rest and sleep improves and further it prevents rapid degeneration of the immune system.

Humidifier 0nboard is simply better for people.



A flight deck is the most dehydrating place in an airplane with almost no air humidity. Air humidity is important to prevent dryness induced fatigue and impact from dehydration.

Humidifier Onboard flight deck is today a de facto standard on newbuilt widebodies for long-haul operations. Humidifier Onboard flight deck is highly appreciated amongst pilots, generating the required increase in humidity from drier than Death Valley up to comfort and wellbeing zone.

Humidifier 0nboard flight deck is a de-facto standard on Boeing 787 with close to 90 % selection – and it quickly gains traction on both the A350 and the 777X.



Pilots and crew must cope with short, efficient rest.  Most airlines fit dedicated crew rest compartments in their long-haul aircraft. A crew rest compartment is designed for best possible conditions. 

Without a humidification the dry air will be counterproductive to relax and sleep efforts / features. 

Humidifier Onboard has aided quality of sleep in crew rests since 2007 (first A380). It is available for line-fit on Airbus A380, Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 as well as Boeing 777X.



Humidifier Onboard a private jet is a requirement to obtain a climate onboard that can support wellbeing and wellness. VIP aircraft and large-cabin business jets are optimized for best privacy and max comfort. The flip-side is extremely dry air that dehydrates passengers and causes fatigue. 

A striking humidity increase elevates climate from the driest of deserts to more groundlike level. VIP passengers can instead hereby arrive relaxed and refreshed. 

Many VIP customers value wellness and wellbeing. Today almost every long-haul VIP aircraft is fitted with active humidification system.