Humidifier Pad Assy by CTT is based on unique IP to obtain OEM compliance

The Humidifier Pad Assy is more than just a consumable, it is a pivotal innovation and the heart of the Humidifier Onboard system. In the quest for optimizing and perfecting humidification equipment in aircraft, CTT Systems has crafted original masterpieces for all new widebody airframers since the introduction of the Airbus A380.
Humidifier Pad Assy -Consumable Original by CTT Systems
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The CTT Systems humidifier pad assy is based on unique IP material to meet the specs from Airbus and Boeing. The Humidifier Onboard pad assy is more than a component, it is a sub-system in the Humidifier Onboard system, that complies with all reliability, performance and safety measures. 

Over 3,000 Humidifier Onboard in service

Dry cabin air has been a well-known problem for decades. At CTT Systems, we decided to enter the market over 20 years ago as a pioneer by developing a Humidifier Onboard system based on evaporative cooling technology. A few years later, Airbus selected us to provide Humidifier Onboard crew rest compartments for the A380 program. 

Boeing followed suit and selected CTT Systems for the 787 program to solely supply Humidifier Onboard crew rest compartments and flight decks.  At CTT Systems we continued our winning streak with the sole OEM supply of humidifiers for flight decks, crew rest compartments and passenger cabins on Airbus A350 and Boeing 777X. Today we have more than 3,000 Humidifier Onboard in service at more than 50 airlines worldwide. 

Original humidifier pad assy uses IP material to meet OEM standards

When developing the technology for line-fit, our CTT Systems engineers recognized that existing pad materials failed to meet the stringent standards in aviation, particularly those from Boeing and Airbus, not to mention regulations by the FAA and FDA. Commodity material did not comply with rigorous performance and safety requirements in aircraft. 

The pursuit of excellence led to a powerful alliance with Munters, the world’s foremost supplier of climate solutions. CTT Systems and Munters engineered a new and unique humidifier pad material that didn’t just meet the standards — it pushed the bar further and soared above them. 

Tailored for aviation standards and OEM humidifier

CTT Systems humidifier pad assy is specifically tailored for aircraft requirements and to co-function with the OEM humidifier housing. Our pad material has been rigorously tested to withstand maximum air velocity, meet carryover limits, and maintain pH levels within stringent technical specifications. The high fire rating, the prevention of legionella transfer, and the use of activated carbon make the humidifier pad assy resistant to bacterial growth. 

Another qualification requirement for the pad material was to remain functional with operating conditions that are particular for the OEM humidifier housing, such as the design to spray water in short intervals, not as in other applications to continuously rinse through the pad. All criteria above cannot be fulfilled by using a commodity pad assy material. 

Humidifier pad assy's part of the air supply

Another area where our humidifier pad material is set apart is how it safeguards reliability and safety. Since air supply to the flight deck and crew rest passes through the Humidifier Onboard system, the pad material must remain intact and not release any material or collapse. The CTT Systems original humidifier pad assy material complies with the FAA Part 25 and EASA CS-25 airworthiness standards, and even more importantly; the Boeing requirements on design, testing, documentation, etc, ensuring that airflow remains consistent and safe. 

Commitment to humidifier pad assy excellence

In summary, the Humidifier Pad Assy from CTT Systems, has unique IP material, and sets a new precedent in aircraft humidification technology, ensuring compliance with all industry standards and aviation authorities. The CTT Systems humidifier pad assy is not just a commodity or a component, it’s a sub-system designed to co-function with the OEM humidifier housing and to secure a consistent flow of humidified air with the highest reliability and best performance. The CTT Systems Humidifier Onboard system has proven its outstanding reliability at airline operations since 2007 – today fitted in close to 1,500 widebody aircraft. 

Humidifier Pad Assy from CTT Systems
developed for aviation standards and OEM compliance 

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