Boeing 787 Humidifier Onboard retrofit

CTT Systems can now proudly offer Humidifier Onboard retrofit to Boeing 787 Business Class, enabling upgrade of passengers’ travel experience worldwide.
Boeing 787 Humidifier Onboard retrofit by CTT Systems
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The CTT humidifier journey began with a tier-1 supply to Boeing 787 for flight deck and crew rests. This was followed by the sole supply of flight deck, crew rest and passenger cabin humidifiers to Airbus A350 and Boeing 777X. CTT had a competitive offering setting new standards for passenger in-flight well-being.

Optimal comfort onboard

Imagine experiencing optimal comfort onboard. The dry, uncomfortable cabin air that you are used to? It was a thing of the past. CTT Systems Humidifier Onboard maintains perfect humidity levels, ensuring every passenger feels like they are breathing fresh and clean air.

At CTT Systems, we don´t just retrofit aircraft - we transform the entire flying experience.

And it isn´t just about comfort; it is about well-being too. The right humidity levels are essential for health. Dehydration and dry skin were problems of the past. Passengers can now step off their flights feeling refreshed and revitalized. 

Quality and sustainability

We have humidifiers in service on more than 1,500 widebody aircraft with outstanding reliability and performance data. Our flight deck humidifier on 787 is a de facto standard. In addition to the OEM systems, we have also developed a Boeing 787 VIP system that is in service on several Boeing BBJ787 aircraft.

The premium cabin retrofit system for the Boeing 787 is based on our successful OEM products and VIP system.

Our mission - transforming the flying experience

At CTT Systems, we believe that airlines’ most premium passengers shall fully enjoy airlines’ leading-edge investments in cabin interior and first-class services.

So, as we set forth on this new chapter, we invite you to join us on this adventure. Together, we will elevate aviation to new heights, one rejuvenating flight at a time.

This is the future of in-flight comfort. Welcome aboard the journey of a lifetime, where every flight is an extraordinary experience waiting to be discovered. 

Welcome onboard Boeing 787 – with Humidifier Onboard 

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