Magnus Attefall – MarCom Manager

Magnus Attefall - Global Marketing & Communication Manager

As the Global Marketing and Communication Manager at CTT Systems, I bring over two decades of experience in MarCom, digital channels and strategies to the forefront of the aviation industry. My role at CTT Systems involves championing innovative products like the Humidifier Onboard and Anti-condensation system for aircraft, which are pivotal in enhancing in-flight comfort and equipment longevity. I am deeply involved in not only promoting, these advanced technologies but also in shaping the narrative and storytelling about their benefits to a global audience. Like you, reading this right now. 🙂 

Examples of previous experience 

  • Ericsson – Global Digital Marketing Manager 
  • Cisco – Nordic Digital & Marketing Manager
  • MSD (Merck) – MarTech Manager Sweden
  • SEB – Online Sales & Marketing Manager 

Driving growth and innovation

At CTT Systems, I am dedicated to driving growth and innovation, utilizing my extensive knowledge from print to digital channels and marketing automation to solidify the company’s position as a leader in the aviation sector. My enthusiasm for MarTech and digital transformation is more than just a career; it’s a passion that fuels my continuous exploration and optimization in the digital realm of aviation. 

I love exploring the fascinating world of aircraft, where every day brings new challenges and opportunities to enhance the flying experience – from passengers, cabin crew and pilots to airline companies. 

My professional journey

My professional journey is decorated with significant achievements, including receiving an award for “Work performance beyond the ordinary” at Cisco and pioneering one of Sweden’s first company blogs as a brand-creating channel at the beginning of 2006. My educational pursuits that landed me double exams from Stockholm University and Luleå University of Technology, along with certifications in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, highlight my dedication to continuous learning and staying abreast of the dynamic digital landscape.

- "Do good shit"

Beyond my professional commitments, I am passionate about contributing to various initiatives. I founded and organized #WebStrategyCoffee, an unconference in Stockholm focusing on business development and digital media strategy. My volunteer roles as a board member in different organizations, such as Non Fighting Generation, reflect my commitment to social services and education. 

Final words
- #LoveWhatYouDo

Stay tuned here at our website, LinkedIn or YouTube for insightful updates and stories curated by me, as we continue to soar to new heights with CTT Systems. 

Visit my personal Attefall.Digital MarTech blog and connect and follow and communicate with me on LinkedIn. You´re welcome. 

My hashtag? #LoveWhatYouDo 😊 

With Love from Sweden 
Magnus Attefall