Anti-condensation system elevates aircraft performance and sustainability

Discover CTT Systems innovative Anti-condensation system - the world's leading aircraft product for non-condensing flights. Learn how it combats fuselage condensation, reducing aircraft weight and corrosion while significantly cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Anti-condensation system elevates aircraft performance and sustainability by CTT Systems
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The hidden challenge: Fuselage condensation

Fuselage condensation is an often overlooked issue in aircraft, particularly during cruise and descent phases. This phenomenon occurs when the cold temperature of the fuselage causes moisture in the cabin air to condense on the inside of the aircraft’s skin. This seemingly minor occurrence can lead to significant problems, including increased weight due to water accumulation, corrosion of the aircraft’s structure, and even electrical failures.

The weight of water: A cumulative burden

During a flight, the inside skin of an aircraft’s fuselage can reach temperatures as low as -25°C. With a typical cabin temperature of +24°C and a relative humidity of 15%, moisture is constantly deposited as frost. This frost melts during descent, with water droplets seeping into insulation materials. Over time, this can lead to an astonishing accumulation of weight – up to 300 kg in narrowbody and 600 kg in widebody aircraft. This additional weight not only increases fuel consumption but also reduces payload capacity.

CTT Systems Anti-condensation solution

At CTT Systems we have engineered a groundbreaking solution to this challenge. The Anti-condensation system is a parallel flow absorption type dehumidifier, featuring a glass fiber honeycomb rotor impregnated with silica gel. This system effectively absorbs moisture, ensuring no condensation-related problems in aircraft. The unit comprises a mixed-flow fan, a heater, a geared rotor drive motor, and a controller, all working harmoniously to maintain optimal humidity levels.

From dry bliss to moisture management

The Anti-condensation system operates by creating a positive flow of dry air distributed through a piccolo duct along the crown area of the aircraft. This dry air barrier absorbs moisture from the insulation blankets and prevents it from reaching the cold aircraft structure. The system is designed to operate throughout the entire flight cycle, ensuring the space between the cabin and the fuselage remains dry, thus preventing the formation of frost and moisture accumulation.

Environmental and economic impact

The benefits of CTT Systems Anti-condensation system extend beyond aircraft performance. By removing between 200-600 kg of water from an aircraft, the system significantly reduces fuel consumption – by up to 21 tons – and CO2 emissions – by approximately 66 tons. This translates to cost savings and contributes to a reduced carbon footprint, aligning with global environmental goals.

Fuel savings and decreased CO2 calculation​

A 200 kg weight saving will, per year, reduce (based on an Airbus A320neo or Boeing 737MAX aircraft):

  • fuel consumption by 21 tons
  • CO2 emissions by 66 tons


At CTT Systems, we have delivered more than 3,000 Anti-condensation systems, both as retrofits and OEM installations. Here you find the latest and updated list of Anti-condensation system retrofit installations, BFE and SFE options.

In conclusion - reduces fuel burn and carbon footprint

CTT Systems Anti-condensation system is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the aviation industry. By addressing the often-overlooked issue of fuselage condensation, we have enhanced aircraft performance and safety and contributed to environmental conservation. This system is a shining example of how technological advancements can create a more efficient, reliable, and sustainable future in aviation. 

Anti-condensation system in your aircraft fleet
– reduces fuel burn and carbon footprint 

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