Profit sharing foundation

Profit-sharing foundation for all employees

CTT’s employees are all part of the CTT profit-sharing foundation. Every full-time employee is entitled to equal share in CTT’s financial success every year. The objective with the foundation is to attract, engage and commit employees to CTT. 

Top-20 OWNER

The profit-sharing foundation is a top-20 shareholder in CTT (i.e. all staff in CTT)


Indirect ownership for every full-time employee (participating since 2015)

CTT strongly believes that long-term value creation best can be obtained if taking into condsideration interests of stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, and employees. In order to improve situation further with employee stakeholders, CTT founded a profit-sharing foundation in 2015.

Since its foundation, CTT has allocated part of its profit to a profit-sharing scheme for all of its employees. The funds are managed by the CTT Profit-Sharing Foundation. Every CTT employee who has worked full time since the start owns more than approx. 1,800 shares in CTT via the profit-sharing foundation. The CTT profit-sharing foundation in total owns 1.1 percent of the share capital in CTT.

Every year, 7.5 percent of the company’s profit before tax is allocated to the foundation, however, a maximum of 22.5 percent of the decided dividend. The allocation per employee can be a maximum of two monthly salaries, calculated as the average salary in the company. The funds are invested in CTT shares that are acquired on the market after the Annual General Meeting each year.

All employees, regardless of salary and position, are allocated equal shares in relation to annual working hours, provided that they have been employed for at least three months and have not left during the same year in which they started.

Payments to employees can be made no earlier than five years after the financial year that is the basis for the allocation to the foundation. The employee decides for himself whether the funds are to be paid out or remain in the foundation. The first opportunity for payment is in 2020.

Staff who have worked full-time since the profit-sharing scheme was introduced in 2015, have received over SEK 250 000 in allocations.