Solves the premium paradox

The more premium AND PRIVATE...

– The more dehydrated is the experience

A private jet is the most dehydrating place and contraproductive to the VIP-concept
VIP travelers require an extraordinary experience. Private, convenient and flexible. VIP opts for a relaxing flight and expect to arrive more ready to go. But the flipside with spacious cabin interior and privacy is few passengers. And few passengers mean extremely low humidity. Fresh air contains no humidity at cruise. 

Humidifier Onboard puts climate conditions on-pair with VIP-level and expecations
VIP owners and fractional owner operators go through great effort to obtain best possible VIP travel experience by creating a cabin with high comfort, privacy and flexibility to work, rest and sleep. Many partner with awarded chefs and sommeliers to create fine meals and wine pairings. With these high-quality products and services at every touchpoint, flying in a large business jet can often feel like being at a leading hotel or top restaurant. But no matter how high standard in delivering quality products, the passenger experience is always brought down due to the fact that no place on earth is as dehydrating as a private jet cabin.

If the climate in the aircraft does not match normal conditions, our body will suffer. When Airbus launched its latest private jet – ACJ TwoTwenty – it was positioned as world’s largest private jet – with significantly higher humidity (i.e. humidification system) and lowered cabin altitude – to obtain comfort climate. A small step in terms of equioment but a huge step to ensure that VIP flights become more pleasurable.