Empowers Differentiation

A value differentiator for VIP-charter and fractional owner operators

– Normalized taste buds open-up a path for more variety and flavors

Humidifier Onboard opens-up a track for differentiation, especially when it comes to food and wine. lnstead of being limited to select and combine flavors for extreme humidity conditions, operators can pick-and-choose based on ground experiences from tasting and with the human senses such as taste functioning normally.

All the natural wonderful flavors will be revealed in the palate and healthier too, with no need to overdose anything such as salt or sugar.

Significantly increased humidity is an ‘ingredient’ making more varieties, new species, flavors and combinations possible. And healthier too!

The wine enthusiasts are growing. The importance of selecting wine to meet this demand has increased. Many airlines cooperate with wine sommeliers. The already extensive wine list can include an even broader range of grapes and tastes. Complex Wines will become more accessible on the palate and nose for all premium guests.