Elevates cabin climate


  • A true gamechanger in how we feel during and after flight
  • A VIP aircraft and a large-cabin bizjet requires active humidification from a high-performance system; all passive means are insufficient with marginal impact

Humidity control is a vital for a perfect climate
Cabin climate is key to the overall experience. A cabin climate optimized for wellbeing is all about replicating earth conditions. Temperarure and humidity control is important. Extremely dry cabin air in a private jet cabin is not doing any good for passenger wellness and wellbeing.

The passive humidity increase in a VIP or business jet is insufficient
Modern large-cabin business jets have made great progress in lowering cabin altitude, reducing noise and vibrations, generating draft-free and fresher air, multiple temperature zones and advanced mode lightning. Humidity is the biggest deviator to what we are used to and built for. A significant increase of humidity is required to improve the performance of the cabin and elevate the total cabin environment experience. A passive increase in humidity never exceeds an improvement  of 1-2 % RH, which is still far too dry – drier than any of the driest climates on earth.

Humidifier Onboard VIP and large-cabin bizjets to elevate climate
 Humidifier Onboard elevates the cabin climate from around or in many cases even below 5% RH. A worse than ‘desert-dry-climate-zone’ simply does not match. But if humidity is boosted  into wellbeing level above 20 % RH, VIP passengers can benefit from World’s best cabin environment and arrive more ready to go.