Transforms the experience

Airlines innovate for the experience

– Better when senses are involved

Elevated humidity makes us feel better. Airlines are always looking for the ways to differentiate. Innovation is experience centric. And experience comes through the senses. Anytime airlines can get more senses involved, the better. That transforms the experience to become more sensory. We feel, sleep and taste better. Arriving more ready to go. Less impacted from jetlag. Humidifier Onboard empowers wellbeing and transforms the dried-out cabin into one in which all cabin products and services can be experienced at their best. With air humidity at a ground-equivalent level, passengers stay hydrated and feel more balanced and at ease. A coveted passenger priority – sleep – also improves. Passengers arrive at their destination richer due to a better, richer and more sensory experience that leaves them refreshed, rested and ready to perform.