Elevates cabin climate


– A true gamechanger in how we feel during and after flight

Humidity control is a vital for a perfect climate
Cabin climate is key to the overall experience. A cabin climate optimized for wellbeing is all about replicating earth conditions. Temperarure and humidity control is important. Extremely dry cabin air in a Business Class cabin is not doing any good for passenger wellbeing.

The passive humidity increase on A350 and Boeing 787 is insufficient
Modern widebody aircraft, such as the Boeing 787 and A350, have made great progress in lowering cabin altitude, reducing noise and vibrations, generating draft-free and fresher air, multiple temperature zones and advanced mode lightning. Humidity is the biggest deviator to what we are used to and built for. It is also catalogue available as SFE to improve cabin climate performance on both A350 and Boeing 777X. Significant increase of humidity is required to improve the performance of the cabin and elevate the total cabin environment experience. Although basic configured A350 and Boeing 787 aircraft obtain a passive increase in humidity of 1-2 % RH, it is still far too dry – drier than any of the driest climates on earth.

Humidifier Onboard is optional on A350 and Boeing 777X to elevate climate
Airbus offers Humidifier Onboard to elevate the climate Business Class cabin from 6-10 % RH, still well below ‘desert-climate-zone’, into wellbeing level above 20 % RH. By selecting optional cabin humidifiers, available as SFE on both Airbus A350XWB and Boeing 777X, passengers can benefit from World’s best cabin environment.