What is an aircraft blanket?

The space between the cabin wall and the outer fuselage skin in an aircraft contains insulation blankets. In service, the moisture from passengers’ breath is removed from the cabin and condenses into frost on the cold fuselage skin. During the descent, that frost melts, and some soaks into the insulation blankets.

Eventually, the blankets become saturated. And water is heavy, with every liter adding a kilogram to the aircraft’s weight. This means the aircraft’s engines must work harder to fly unwanted water along the airways.

Reducing water levels in the insulation with CTT Systems Anti-condensation system can cut the weight of an Airbus A320 in high-density configuration, for example, by almost 300 kg.

Not only are direct fuel costs reduced, but emissions reductions are likely to become more important as new anti-pollution measures are enforced by bodies such as the European Union and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

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