Nyköping, Sweden, June 14, 2010, – CTT Systems today announced that Jet2.com (UK) has placed an order for 13 Zonal Drying™ Systems to be installed in Jet2.com’s Boeing B737-300 aircraft. The systems, which eliminate condensation in the aircraft, are scheduled for installation during 2010-2011.

Philip Meeson, Jet2.com Chief Executive says: 'At Jet2.com we try to offset our carbon footprint wherever possible and the installation of CTTs ground-breaking zonal drying systems will form an integral part of our green strategy. Our customers are becoming increasingly environmentally aware and strongly buy in to any measures we take to lower our fuel consumption and thus reduce emissions into the environment. We are a friendly low fare leisure airline flying passengers to over 50 destinations and its essential that our aircraft are operating in the most efficient way possible. I'm delighted that we can rely on CTTs systems to help us in this endeavour'.

 “With this order Jet2.com becomes one of our largest customers and of course a very valuable customer” comments CTT’s VP Sales & Marketing Ulf Liljenberg on today’s order. “The fact that Jet2.com now order for rest of their fleet, based on their experience of the system on the B757 and B737QC, is very satisfying and a recognition of the benefits of the Zonal Drying system,” continues Ulf Liljenberg.

 By eliminating condensation in the aircraft both operational and maintenance costs will be lowered through:

Further, the aircraft residual value will be protected or even improved due to reduced corrosive impact over the years. Reduced fuel burn (due to lowered aircraft weight) also has a positive impact on the environment.

 CTT’s Zonal Drying™ System has been selected as basic equipment for the new B787 “Dreamliner” and CTT’s humidifiers are options in crew rest compartments and on flight deck. The A380 offers CTT’s humidifiers as option in crew rest compartments. CTT will also supply the Zonal Drying™ system and Humidifiers for the A350 aircraft, as options. A350 will have the Cair™ system, humidification for flight deck, cabin crew rest and specific parts of the passenger cabin available as options. This is the first time an aircraft manufacturer offers humidification for the passenger area.