Nyköping, Sweden, January 22, 2008, – Icelandair has placed an additional order with CTT Systems for the Zonal Drying™ System to be installed in three Boeing 757-200 aircraft. The systems, which eliminate condensation in the aircraft, are scheduled for installation during fall/winter 2008/2009.

“Icelandair is one of our first and most valuable customers and they have been using our systems since 2002 in their B757 operation. With this order Icelandair have now our system in their entire owned or long-term leased B757 passenger aircraft which proves the trust Icelandair have in our product” says Ulf Liljenberg VP Sales & Marketing, CTT Systems. “We are very pleased to get this additional order from Icelandair which shows the satisfaction with the system from our existing customers” continues Ulf Liljenberg.

By eliminating condensation in the aircraft both operational and maintenance costs will be lowered through:
• lowered fuel consumption (i.e. lower aircraft weight due to elimination of accumulated water),
• improved operational reliability (i.e. less corrective maintenance)
• consistent insulation performance (i.e. water reduces insulation performance),

Further, the aircraft residual value will be protected or even improved due to reduced corrosive impact over the years. Reduced fuel burn (due to lowered aircraft weight) also has a positive impact on the environment.

CTT’s Zonal Drying™ System has been selected for the new B787 “Dreamliner” and CTT’s humidifiers are options in crew rest compartments and on flight deck. The A380 offers CTT’s humidifiers as option in crew rest compartments.