CTT SYSTEMS AB (“CTT”), the market leader of aircraft humidity control systems, today unveils China Southern Airlines as the previously undisclosed airline that selected the A350XWB optional Inflight Humidification system, first ever to be fitted in Business Class. Increased humidity is essential in offering a cabin climate that makes passengers feel more balanced and at ease during long-haul flights. In the humidified Business Class cabin, passengers more easily will stay hydrated, aiding quality of sleep and reducing jet lag.

China Southern Airlines has selected SFE humidifiers on all of its 20 A350-900 aircraft on order. China Southern pilots, crew and passengers will all benefit from a dedicated humidifier in flight deck, in both crew rests and three in the large Business Class cabin. First entry into commercial service is scheduled to mid-2019.

The CTT inflight humidification (IFH) system achieves the relative humidity in Business Class at approx. 22 %. Until now, the 6-8 % in a Business Class cabin is far below the recommended level for human comfort, health and well-being. Business Class passengers will benefit from the increase in humidity on long-haul flights with reduction of dry air related problems (e.g. fatigue, jet-lag, red eyes, dry skin, spread of virus diseases), but also from improved well-being and sleep.

“The well-being era, debuting with new-generation widebody aircraft, has made great progress in lowering cabin altitude, reducing noise and vibrations, generating draft-free and fresher air, multiple temperature zones and advanced mode lightning.”, says Peter Landquist Vice President Sales & Marketing at CTT Systems. “The last frontier to significantly improve well-being is a significant increase in humidity.”

China Southern operates five Airbus A380-800 aircraft, all equipped with two of our crew rest humidifiers, and 10 Boeing 787-8s with three humidifiers (1 in flight deck and 2 in crew rests). In addition, China Southern has selected the maximum three humidifiers for its fleet of 20 Boeing 787-9 scheduled for deliveries to commence in Q2 2018.


CTT Systems is the market leading provider of humidity control products in aircraft, including moisture control systems to prevent fuselage condensation, and humidifiers for crew and passenger well-being. Our products are offered for line-fit on A380, A350XWB, Boeing 787 and Boeing 777X. The crew humidifier is standard equipment in a crew rest compartment on Boeing 787 and standalone option in the crew rest compartment on A380, A350XWB and B777X. The flight deck humidifier is SFE listed on Airbus A350XWB, Boeing 787 and Boeing 777X. Inflight humidification (IFH) is SFE listed for First/Business Class on A350XWB (Zone 1-3) and Boeing 777X (Zone 1 and 2). The moisture control unit is basic equipment in all Boeing 787s and Zonal Drying is optional (as Buyer-Furnished-Equipment) for Boeing Next-Generation 737-800. CTT products are also available for retrofit installations on all Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Also visit: www.ctt.se   

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