Nyköping, Sweden, December 4, 2006, – CTT Systems today announced that Jet2.com (UK) has placed an order for 8 Zonal Drying™ Systems to be installed in Jet2.com’s B757-200 aircraft. The systems, which eliminate condensation in the aircraft, are scheduled for installation during 2007.

“As a low cost airline we need to be very cost conscious and proactive to make sure we have the optimal operational cost level. With the selection of the CTT Zonal Drying™ System we expect to take away unnecessary accumulated condensed water in the aircraft, hence lowering the operational cost and at the same time lowering maintenance costs,” says Jet2.com’s Chief Executive Philip Meeson.

“Jet2.com is a successful and rapidly growing low cost airline and our Zonal Drying™ System is well positioned to help airlines keeping their costs down. We are proud to be able to deliver our system to Jet2.com and being a part of their future success,” comments CTT’s President Torbjörn Johansson on today’s order. “The various benefits with our system such as reduced fuel burn and less corrosion are important factors for airlines to stay competitive,” continues Torbjörn Johansson

By eliminating condensation in the aircraft both operational and maintenance costs will be lowered through:
• lowered fuel consumption (i.e. lower aircraft weight due to elimination of accumulated water),
• improved operational reliability (i.e. less corrective maintenance)
• consistent insulation performance (i.e. water reduces insulation performance),

Further, the aircraft residual value will be protected or even improved due to reduced corrosive impact over the years. Reduced fuel burn (due to lowered aircraft weight) also has a positive impact on the environment.

CTT’s Zonal Drying™ System has been selected for the new B787 “Dreamliner” and CTT’s humidifiers are options in crew rest compartments and on flight deck. The A380 offers CTT’s humidifiers as option in crew rest compartments.