Nyköping, Sweden, June 8, 2007, – CTT Systems today announced that TUIfly Nordic (Sweden) has placed an order for 2 Zonal Drying™ System to be installed in two B757-200 aircraft. The systems, which eliminate condensation in the aircraft, are scheduled for installation during fall 2007 and beginning of 2008.

“Our target is to lower the fuel consumption on our aircraft with 2% within the next two years thus lowering the CO2 emissions. We have chosen to invest in CTT’s Zonal Drying™ System due to its capability to remove condensed water in the aircraft, which can weigh a couple of hundred kilos on a B757 aircraft. The lowered fuel consumption reduces the CO2 emission with several tons per year and aircraft” says, Johan Lundgren, Managing Director – Fritidsresor AB.

“We are very happy for this order from TUIfly Nordic which is the first customer for us in the new TUI group. The new TUI group consists of several European Airlines, among others, TUIfly Nordic (Sweden), Hapagfly (Germany), Corsairfly (France), Thomsonfly (UK) and have together more than 100 aircraft.” comments CTT’s President Torbjörn Johansson today’s order. “The fuel saving capability of the Zonal Drying™ System is the main reason for airlines having interest in our system, however the positive impact on the environment has become a more and more important factor in the decision process for airlines.” continues Torbjörn Johansson.

By eliminating condensation in the aircraft both operational and maintenance costs will be lowered through:
• lowered fuel consumption (i.e. lower aircraft weight due to elimination of accumulated water),
• improved operational reliability (i.e. less corrective maintenance)
• consistent insulation performance (i.e. water reduces insulation performance),

Further, the aircraft residual value will be protected or even improved due to reduced corrosive impact over the years. Reduced fuel burn (due to lowered aircraft weight) also has a positive impact on the environment.

CTT’s Zonal Drying™ System has been selected for the new B787 “Dreamliner” and CTT’s humidifiers are options in crew rest compartments and on flight deck. The A380 offers CTT’s humidifiers as option in crew rest compartments.