Nyköping, Sweden, September 17, 2009, – IATA (International Air Transport Association) has included CTT Systems’ Zonal Drying System in their latest, June 2009, Technology Road Map Report as a system that lowers fuel consumption in aircraft operation.

In the IATA Technology Road Map Report it is stated; “The objective of this report is to identify and assess current and future possible technologies that will increase aircraft efficiencies, thus lowering fuel use and reduce the carbon emissions that adversely impact the global environment”. The report includes 21 currently available technologies for retrofit which fulfils the objectives of IATA’s report. The Zonal Drying System is one of those available technologies and in the report the Zonal Drying System is listed as having an approximate Fuel Burn reduction of 1%. “IATA is one of the most influential associations in this business and is working closely with many airlines in advising how to optimize their operations. To be included in this Report as a product connected to lowering fuel costs is very important for us,” comments CTT’s VP Sales & Marketing Ulf Liljenberg. “ By eliminating condensation in the aircraft both operational and maintenance costs will be lowered through: • lowered fuel consumption (i.e. lower aircraft weight due to elimination of accumulated water), • improved operational reliability (i.e. less corrective maintenance) • consistent insulation performance (i.e. water reduces insulation performance), Further, the aircraft residual value will be protected or even improved due to reduced corrosive impact over the years. Reduced fuel burn (due to lowered aircraft weight) also has a positive impact on the environment. CTT’s Zonal Drying™ System has been selected as basic equipment for the new B787 “Dreamliner” CTT will also supply the Zonal Drying™ system for the A350 aircraft, as options.