CTT SYSTEMS AB (“CTT”), the market leader of aircraft humidity control system, announces Inflight Humidification ("IFH") VIP system order from Fokker Techniek B.V., based in Holland, for one Airbus ACJ330 aircraft operated by their customer K5 Aviation. The system is scheduled to be delivered to Fokker in 2022/2023. This is CTT Systems’ 102nd Inflight Humidification award for VIP aircraft (from Airbus ACJ and Boeing BBJ).

Fokker will be first to install the IFH-VIP system to elevate humidity in all six cabin zones, requiring support from six humidifiers. The ACJ330 will be protected by CTT’s unique Anti-Fuselage-Condensation technology that prevents moisture issues such as rain-in-the-plane.
''We look forward to work with CTT in our first widebody outfitting project,” says Maurice Burghouwt, Account Manager Procurement of Fokker Techniek. “The CTT humidification system is an important cabin climate feature for our end-customers, valuing good health, wellbeing and feeling at ease during and after flight.”
“We are pleased to cooperate with Fokker in developing and the fitting of the IFH-VIP system in this ACJ330 cabin completion project; that for the first time will include humification in all six cabin zones”, says Peter Landquist, Vice President Senior Advisor Sales at CTT.
About humidification on VIP and large-cabin business jets
Without an efficient humidification system, the cabin air in the VIP aircraft or large, cabin business jet is far more dehydrating than any place on Earth – below 5% Relative Humidity (RH). This VIP aircraft will have a striking humidity increase, restored to comfort and wellbeing level, to above 20% RH. VIP passengers will on long-haul flights benefit from reduced dry air related problems (read: fatigue, jet-lag, red eyes, dry throat, dry skin, spread of virus diseases) and improved wellbeing and general sleep. The CTT humidifier is based on evaporative cooling technology and uses a method that effectively precludes the transfer of bacteria. The CTT IFH VIP system offers total anti-condensation protection. 
Fokker Techniek in Woensdrecht builds on more than a century of experience and specializes in providing MRO support to commercial aircraft operators including Lessor Aircraft re-delivery, VIP Aircraft completions and remodeling including Boeing BBJ and Airbus ACJ, Military/Special Mission Aircraft conversions, together with extensive capabilities including maintenance, modification, painting, working parties, damage assessment, fleet management support, CAMO, AOG support and turnkey solutions for severe repair and ferry flight preparation. In addition, Fokker Techniek provides component repair and full engineering support programs.
Also visit: www.fokkertechniek.com
About K5 Aviation
K5-Aviation was founded in 2010 in Germany by four experienced aviation experts. K5-Aviation is known in the market to challenge the industry's standards; therefore K5-Aviation develops with its partners new groundbreaking solutions for the business aviation sector. It currently operates three Airbus ACJ319’s ceo and neo and one Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft worldwide. All employees of K5-Aviation have several years of professional experience in aviation and have worked for AOC holders operating 20 VIP aircraft and more. They all felt the need to offer a return to quality of operation rather than quantity. The license to operate aircraft commercially (Aircraft Operating Certificate – AOC) was issued by the German Aviation Authority in June 2011, and shortly after, K5-Aviation obtained approval for low visibility operations up to the highest Category IIIb without decision height and ETOPS 180 for Long Range Operation 180 minutes away from any suitable airport.