CTT SYSTEMS AB (“CTT”), the market leader of aircraft humidity control system, announces Inflight Humidification VIP system order from Jet Aviation for an Airbus ACJ340 aircraft. This completion will feature increased humidity in the entire aircraft cabin, which requires support from 4 humidifiers, with Anti-Fuselage-Condensation protection. This award is CTT Systems’ 94th Inflight Humidification VIP order for Airbus ACJ and Boeing BBJ aircraft.

Delivery of the IFH VIP system to Jet Aviation is scheduled in April 2020.

“We look forward to once again working with Jet Aviation,” says Peter Landquist, Vice President Sales & marketing of CTT Systems.

Michael Fuchs, Program Director Large Aircraft, says, “Cabin humidification critically impacts the comfort and well-being of passengers in flight, which is a top priority for Jet Aviation. We have an excellent working relationship with CTT Systems and consider their IFH VIP system to be the industry’s most robust and reliable humidification system.”

Without an efficient humidification system, the VIP cabin air is far more dehydrating than any place on Earth – below 5 % Relative Humidity (RH). This ACJ340 will have a striking humidity increase, restored to comfort and wellbeing level, to approx. 20 % RH. VIP passengers on this ACJ340 will on long-haul flights benefit from reduced dry air related problems (e.g. fatigue, jet-lag, red eyes, dry skin, spread of virus diseases) and improved wellbeing and sleep. The CTT humidifier is based on evaporative cooling technology and uses a method that effectively precludes the transfer of bacteria. The CTT IFH VIP system offers total anti-condensation protection. 


CTT Systems is the market leading provider of humidity control products in aircraft, including Moisture Control Systems to prevent fuselage condensation, and inflight humidifiers – Humidifier Onboard – for crew and passenger well-being. CTT humidifier products are available for retrofit installations and line-fit on Airbus A380, A350, Boeing 787 and 777X. The crew humidifier is standard equipment in a crew rest compartment on Boeing 787 and standalone option in the crew rest compartment on A380, A350XWB and B777X. The flight deck humidifier is SFE listed on Airbus A350XWB, Boeing 787 and Boeing 777X. Inflight Humidification (IFH) – Humidifier Onboard – is SFE listed for First/Business Class on A350XWB (Zone 1-3) and Boeing 777X (Zone 1 and 2). The Moisture Control Anti-Fuselage-Condensation system is optional for the A320 Family and Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 as well as Airbus A350. Also visit: www.ctt.se   

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This information was submitted for publication on February 27, 2020 at 13:00 (CET).