CTT | Humidity In Balance

Save fuel, drop weight

Improve the environment – Inside …and outside!

During flight the extremes of temperature create condensation at an alarming rate. As each passenger exhales around 100 grams of water an hour, this adds up to a considerable amount, causing damage to the insulation and nuisance to both passengers and crew. The negative effects experienced with condensation cover many areas of aircraft operation: economics, safety, maintenance and health. 

Condensation can increase the aircraft weight by over half ton, depending on the number of passengers, type of operation and climate zone. This extra load results in higher fuel consumption (the single highest operational cost for arlines today), affecting the environment in a negative way.

The good news is that there is a way to drop dead weight, save fuel, reduce emissions and make people on board more comfortable – all in one go. 



EVERY KILO COUNTS: every kilo that can be eliminated from the aircraft reduces the fuel bill. No matter how you look at it – installing a Zonal Drying™System gives you a competitive advantage over airlines who keep their ”rain in the plane”.