CTT | Humidity In Balance

Touch down in better shape than you took off.


The dry air at high altitudes causes fatigue and discomfort. Long flights amplify the effects. Our humidification system Cair™ creates a more comfortable onboard climate, easing the strain on body and brain. As a result everyone on board feel better and stay more alert.

What’s in it for me?


• Aaah! You feel better >>

• Zzzzz! You sleep better >>

• Mmmm! Food and drink taste better >>

Experience the difference!


Since year 2000 the masterminds of CTT serves many airlines around the world. If you travel 1st or business class in a Lufthansa A380, chances are you will get to experience the luxury of humidified fresh air on board.

We also serve aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus. Our dehumidification system Zonal Drying for instance is standard on Boeing 787, i.e. it is installed in all aircraft of this type, and available as an option on the Airbus A350 XWB.