Case: Working at CTT Systems – Systems Engineer

Loïc Goueslard

Systems Engineer

CTT Systems is constantly prepared to develop its product offerings, considering technological advances and new requirements from customers and regulatory authorities. The core of the business is the development department. Loïc Goueslard works here as a Systems Engineer focusing on electronic systems.

"I experience CTT Systems as a company that cares a lot about its employees and has a good team spirit here. My colleagues are very friendly and helpful, and it feels easy to integrate into the company."

From France to Sweden

– Our department is a flat organization where everyone works on several projects. You can be a project manager in one, work with product design in another, and help with troubleshooting in a third, says Loïc Goueslard. 

He moved to Sweden from France in 2019 as his wife is from Sweden, and he was employed at CTT Systems shortly afterward. He believes it is striking how well it works to work entirely in English at the company, even though Loïc Goueslard is doing his best to learn Swedish. 

Knowledge of electronics and software

One of his areas of work is to increase the internal knowledge of electronics and software. Above all, for managing our Humidifier Onboard and Anti-condensation system, CTT Systems sees advantages in having the expertise to handle more of the design and assembly by ourselves if necessary. – For CTT Systems, delivering safe, high-quality products is vitally important. An important development area is that the products keep pace with safety requirements. For example, the requirements for how high electrical voltage aircraft equipment should withstand have increased over time says Loïc Goueslard.

Creativity and problem-solving skills

He thinks the best thing about the job is the challenges. Using your creativity and problem-solving skills to determine how something should be designed or what an error is. 

– We must always have an outstanding and robust design for our products. And since different aircraft types have other requirements, surroundings, and spaces where our equipment can fit, we need to be able to think creatively, says Loïc Goueslard

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