Case: Working at CTT Systems – Assembler

Linda Ottosson


The pandemic caused significant difficulties for the aviation industry, and parts of CTT Systems’ operations had reduced capacity for about a year. But now the facility in Nybro is again teeming with activity, where fitter Linda Ottosson is one of the employees rehired in 2021. ​

"It feels good to be back! I have a great time here with my colleagues. It's a nice atmosphere, and everyone helps each other."

Switches between many different tasks

Through skills development at the workplace and her studies, she can now switch between many tasks in the facility. For example, assemble pads, build a humidifier house, and run a punching machine. – It is beneficial for me as an employee to avoid monotonous work and for my employer as I become flexible in my work role. Before Linda Ottosson started at CTT Systems in 2018, she had worked in healthcare for several years. – It felt very good at CTT Systems right from the start. When you work in healthcare, it often feels like you need to do more because there is no time for it. But here you get enough time to do an excellent job that you feel satisfied with when you go home, says Linda Ottosson.

Focus on accuracy and quality

She points out that what permeates the entire workplace is an extreme focus on accuracy and quality. Everything produced must meet every measurement and follow the instructions to the letter. Therefore, it takes time to learn the craft, especially when constructing the humidifier houses, where each assembler works independently for a long time. But experienced colleagues are on hand if anyone needs help. Much of the training at CTT Systems takes place in the form of skills transfer between employees. – You feel safe learning new things here as there is always someone to ask. The same thing if you want to broaden your skills and learn some new parts of the process or use a new type of machine. Linda Ottosson says there are excellent opportunities for that.

Open-minded and have a willingness to learn

She says that to be suitable as an assembler at CTT Systems, you should be open-minded and willing to learn. You don’t have to know everything from day one, as you will have plenty of learning opportunities. However, sharing the company’s values regarding regulatory compliance, accuracy, and quality is essential. 

Welcome onboard CTT Systems 
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