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Investor relations

Investor Relations

CTT’s external financial information and investor relations (IR) shall be characterized by openness, reliability, availability and speed. Quality is essential, as well as the information release must be cost efficient. The information must also meet the requirements of the market place and norm requirements.

Contacts with the media 

Those who have the right to speak externally regarding CTT’s business and financial position are the CEO and CFO as well as CTT’s Chairman of the Board. Regarding business issues CTT’s Sales Manager has the right to speak externally.

Contacts with shareholders and capital market

Contacts and questions from analysts, institutional investors and other capital market participants and other shareholders are handled by the CEO, CFO or Chairman of the Board.

Policy on rumors and information leaks

CTT has a policy not to comment on rumors or information leaks concerning the company or specific business events. CTT’s response will always be “no comments” unless legal requirements demands otherwise.

 Note: The information on this page are only selected translated parts of the complete information found on the corresponding pages in Swedish.