CTT | Humidity In Balance

The Board

Tomas Torlöf, Chairman of the board
Born 1967. Venture Investor in Swedish start-up Companies. Board member CTT since 2013.
CTT Ownership: 1 678 336 shares (via Trulscom Förvaltning AB).

Annika Dalsvall
Born 1958. Director Contracts SAS Group. Board member CTT since 2013.
CTT Ownership: 250 shares.

Björn Lenander
Born 1961. CEO Latour Industries AB. Chairman of the Board Atrico Group AB, Reac AB, LSAB Group AB, Bemsiq AB and Vimec. Board member Terratech AB, Swegon Group AB, Densiq AB, Vilan AB and AVT Group AB. Board member CTT since 2018.
CTT Ownership: 500 Shares.

Per Fyrenius
Born 1965. Director President’s Office at Toyota Material Handling Europe. Board member CTT since 2018.
CTT Ownership: 400 Shares.

Steven Buesing
Born 1974. Masters of Business Administration from University of Iowa & Certified Public Accountant. CFO Interiors at Collins Aerospace. Board member in CTT since 2018. Owns 0 shares in CTT.

Anna Höjer
Born 1968. Master of Science from Luleå University of Technology. President and CEO for Transdev Sverige. Board member CTT since 2020. CTT Ownership: 3 237 Shares.