CTT | Humidity In Balance

The Board

Tomas Torlöf, Chairman of the board
Born 1967. Venture Investor in Swedish start-up Companies. Board member CTT since 2013.
CTT Ownership: 1 604 964 shares (via Trulscom Förvaltning AB).

Henrik Ossborn
Born 1969. Lawyer and Partner at Vinge. Board member CTT since 2012.
CTT Ownership: 0 shares.

Annika Dalsvall
Born 1958. Director Contracts SAS Group. Board member CTT since 2013.
CTT Ownership: 250 shares.

Mats Lundin
Born 1959. Vice President, Supply Chain, SCANFIL Oyj. Board member CTT since 2014.
CTT Ownership: 3 000 shares.

Nicolas Pinel
Born 1956. Vice President, Account Management Rockwell Collins Interior Systems. Board member CTT since 2014.
CTT Ownership: 0 shares.

Göran Bronner
Born 1962. Chairman of the board Lovima AB. Board member East Capital Explorer. Industrial advisor to EQT. Board member CTT since 2015.
CTT Ownership: 298 709 shares via Lovima AB.