CTT | Humidity In Balance

Corporate Governance

The work of the board

The CTT Board of Directors consists of six members chosen at the Annual General Meeting. The members comprise persons representing the major shareholders in CTT as well as independent persons. The members have long and varied experience from areas of business that are highly relevant to the company and its operations.

Directly after the Annual General Meeting a board meeting is held, the Board’s agenda is set, as well as directives for the President in order to secure the development of the company and fulfil the Board’s requirements for information and supervision of daily operations.

The regular meetings comply with an agenda that requires inclusion of the following points: the preceding protocol, marketing and current situation reports, finances, organisation, and other matters.

Matters discussed by the Board are strategies, business plans, entered agreements, budgets, interim reports, and the company’s liquidity situation.

Nomination and replacement committee

A nomination and replacement committee is annually appointed by the three largest shareholders in the company.