World’s best business class climate ready for take-off

Optimizing the inflight climate for better wellbeing is all about replicating earth conditions. 

The A350XWB aircraft is standard-fitted with leading-edge climate features, such as lowered cabin altitude (6000 ft), reduced noise and vibrations, draft-free ventilation, fresher air (renewed more often) and multiple temperature-zones. 

Although basic configured A350 and Boeing 787 aircraft obtain better humidity from a passive increase of about 1-2 % RH, it is still far too dry – below 10 % RH. In order for airlines to further improve climate and optimize the performance, Airbus has designed the A350XWB with the optional Inflight Humidification system to be fitted in the First Class and Business Class cabin. Hereby can premium passengers benefit from the significant increase in humidity – with reduction of dry air related problems (e.g. fatigue, red eyes, dry skin, spread of virus diseases). With restored inflight humidity, passengers feel more balanced, at ease and more easily can stay hydrated, ensuring quality of sleep and jet lag reduction.

China Southern Airlines is World’s first in Business – leading-the-way in Asia

China Southern Airlines is first-to-equip humidifiers in its A350 business class cabin for enhanced climate performance. China Southern will have a fleet of 10 A350 aircraft fitted with business class humidifiers.

China Southern Airlines also has all-fleet selected humidifiers in flight deck and crew rests on both A350 and Boeing 787; and in crew rests in its A380 fleet.

Aeroflot is a front-runner in EMEA with restored humidity in business class on A350

Aeroflot is first in EMEA with a humidification system in business class. Aeroflot has taken first A350 deliveries. Aeroflot has a total of 22 A350 aircraft on order.