CTT | Humidity In Balance

Market Drivers

In aviation flying crew are scheduled for more intense work shifts than ever. Crew resting on-board and between flights are essential for efficient airline operations.

Many airlines realize that the quality of the rest for their crew is of great importance. Manufacturers offer CTT crew humidifiers on A380, B787 , A350 and B777X. CTT humidifiers are proven in-service on A380 for more than 7 years and now in rapid roll-out with the B787.

All crew rests on B787 are equipped with our humidifiers for a better and more efficient resting environment. In reality, crew on a B787 will have the best possible air in the sky while resting, improving their sleep making work-load less burden and improving recovery time afterwards.

Furthermore, almost every delivered B787 so far is fitted with the CTT Flight Deck Humidification System. In reality, most B787-pilots will enjoy improved working conditions and recover more quickly in-between.

Improved working conditions are basic requirement in many industries as well as harmonization and equalizing efforts between similar jobs, especially within the same company, such as salaries, work schedules, total work hours without resting, stop-overs, work environment etc.

An airline typically operates a fleet compromising of several aircraft types, such as B777, B787 and A380.

Differences will always remain between different platforms but some elementary requirements can become equal. At CTT, we argue that the air quality is such a thing.

Bottom-line, the market drivers for our crew humidifiers are a constant desire and willingness to improve crew working conditions. Crew and airline demand for humidification is proven on A380 to some extent and on B787 in particular. The A350 and B777X for long-haul use would apply the same rational. Besides OEM, we expect harmonize demand to drive retrofitting of CRCs on modern long-haul fleet of B777s, A330s and the crew rest fitted A380s flying without our humidifiers.