CTT | Humidity In Balance

How It Works

Our crew humidifier is dimensioned for flight deck and crew rest areas in most major aircraft. The typical installation for an A380 or Boeing 787 consists of a humidifier with a control unit and advanced water valves. The system can easily be adjusted to different kinds of installations in flight deck and crew rest compartments.

The humidifier uses the technology of evaporative humidification and has been developed in cooperation with Munters. The main component is a fibreglass pad with specially designed air channels moistened via a spreader system. When dry air passes the moist surface, the water evaporates and the air is humidified while being cooled. By dimensioning the pad according to the airflow to be humidified, the capacity of the humidifier is set and no further regulation is required.


humi principle


 The humdifier principle

The CTT Humidification System can easily be adapted to different kinds of cabin crew rest compartments to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for the crew.