CTT | Humidity In Balance

Dry Facts for Crew

Humans suffer in an extreme low-RH environment. Crew is frequently exposed. Crew

Aaah! Feeling better!

Humidifying the air on board reduces tiredness and alleviates dehydration of the eyes, skin and linings of the mouth and nose. As in-flight studies show, it also relieves the strain on the immune system. Simply put – pilots and cabin attendants stay healthier. And recover faster from jetlag.

Zzzzz! Sleeping better

It is scientifically proven that humidified air helps body and mind come to rest. And good rest helps in coping with hard work. The longer the flights the more essential – and the more balanced the humidity the better the sleep.

Supported by Health studies and Medical experts:

”Even a slight increase of relative air humidity is beneficial from a health point of view.”

”Increased relative air humidity increases tear film stability and nasal patency. It also reduces headaches and ocular, nasal and dermal dryness symptoms.”