CTT | Humidity In Balance

The Full Range

The CTT mission is to balance the humidity on board long-haul aircraft. Our Crew humidifiers are part of a larger picture, involving the removal of excess humidity in the crown area, as well as the addition of humidified fresh air in dry cabin sections of the aircraft. The product line includes the following systems:


system_logosZonal Drying™ System prevents condensation in aircraft by combating the root cause. Less condensation means less weight, reducing fuel consumption, emissions and corrosion etc. In the long term, reduced condensation means longer lifetime for aircraft components and insulation.

Cair™ increases humidity and provides humidified air to the cabin, improving passenger comfort.

Crew Humidifiers helps increase humidity in the flight deck and crew rest compartments, creating a more pleasant working climate and improving the well-being of the crew.

Cair™ VIP is a humidification system adapted for the strict requirements of large private jets. It can also be retrofitted to VIP aircraft.