CTT | Humidity In Balance

Added-Value for Airlines

With CTT Crew Humidifiers pilots and flight attendants experience fewer problems with dry skin, allergies and dry eyes. There is less risk of catching a cold, fatigue is less of a problem, and recovery between flights is quicker. Those who wear contact lenses most remarkably appreciate the change. The crew gain more strength and energy and do not feel as tired during their work onboard, or after the flight. It is scientifically proven (download report) that the Crew feels better with an air humidifier on board.

In summary, the crew will have:

• Better working climate

• Quicker recovery between flights

• Less likelihood of catching colds

• Less fatigue

• Better sleep

• Less impact from jetlag

The business case for airlines is really how much a healthier working climate can be valued. Besides airlines lowering costs from improved sick leave and making operations easier (and more efficient), the airlines will earn from better crew turnover and by keeping and attracting the best people in the industry.