CTT | Humidity In Balance

Dry facts



In theory the human body tolerates great variations in humidity. But there are limits. Conditions onboard an aircraft rapidly gets extreme. After less than one hour’s flight the air resembles that of a desert climate. As a result, skin, eyes and linings of the mouth and nose dry out, the fewer the passengers, the more noticeable the effect.


Dry air causes:

+ Cold and allergy symptoms
+ Sleeping difficulties
+ Dry skin and eyes
+ General fatigue and discomfort
+ Increased jetlag impact

 With balanced humidity:

+ You feel better
+ You sleep better
+ Food and drink taste better
+ You arrive more rested
+ You suffer less impact from jetlag

Supported by health studies and medical experts:

“Even a slight increase of relative air humidity is beneficial from a health point of view.”

“Increased relative air humidity increases tear film stability and nasal patency. It also reduces headaches and ocular, nasal and dermal dryness symptoms.”