CTT | Humidity In Balance

A better working climate

Cair™ helps crew focus on the right thing.

Problems experienced by passengers are naturally more pronounced for the hard-working people who are subjected to these conditions day in and day out. For them, Cair™ System provides a better working climate.

In addition, with Crew Humidifiers installed on the flight deck and in crew rest areas, pilots and flight attendants experience fewer problems with dry skin, allergies and dry eyes. Those who wear contacts especially appreciate the change. There is less risk of catching a cold, fatigue is less of a problem, and recovery between flights is quicker.

In plain language you get a more satisfied crew who are more likely to stay healthy and alert and offer good service to the passengers. Not to mention the added benefit of dealing with passengers who feel good…

Direct benefits:

+ Fewer problems with dry skin, allergies and dry eyes
+ Quicker recovery between flights
+ Less likelihood of catching colds
+ Less fatigue
+ Better sleep

 Second to passengers, the crew is one of the airline’s most valuable assets. For them Cair™ provides a better working environment in cruise.