CTT | Humidity In Balance

Market Drivers

Several megatrends spur growing demand for long-haul point-to-point traveling many years ahead. The nextgen widebody aircraft is an enabler for efficient long-haul services and for operating a new type of point-to-point routes/network. The long-haul fleet is expected to grow.

In addition to these supporting megatrends, CTT would like to highlight two additional drivers for CAIR™ humidification:

–             Renaissance for Premium Class

–             Wealth and Health

Renaissance for Premium Class

Retrospectively, the differences between premium classes have decreased to a bottom-low as the number of premium alternatives increased to four. First Class has had its ups and downs over the years. In the after match of the great financial crises, many airlines stopped offering First Class or reduced it in size to a compact version.

At CTT, we strongly believe in a renaissance for premium traveling that might even reminiscence of the glory and vanity days of the Pan Am golden-era.

With rebounding economy many airlines see increasing demand for luxury and premium services. Some airlines are launching an upgraded “Super Business Class”. Some airlines with a compact First Class are in the process of retrofitting or refurbishing with innovation as core to justify the existence. Some airlines are leading the differentiation path with new innovation in concept and design, especially airlines operating the spacious A380 as its flagship.

Today, some airlines front-run its peers by going the extra-mile to offer the best flight experience possible. These airlines invest massively in innovation and cabin interior retrofit to differentiate from the generally improved Business Class. The determination to re-establish First Class as an exceptional Experience of the 21th century has started an evolutionary innovative trend and the reward in brand recognition will most likely spill-over to the general perception of the airline brand. If so, it will be more status to fly Business Class, Premium Economy or even Coach with top-branded First Class airlines.

New cabin interior is key to obtain superior comfort with private suites, special mode lighting and flexibility to individually optimize traveling for relaxing, working and resting, but not all innovations are tangible and obvious, also several convenience service efforts and other soft factors; that isolated will be small details but conceptually, all together, make a huge difference of the experience and meet the high demands for premium traveling.

Wealth and Health

Premium travelers generally are very particular when it comes to what to drink and eat. Health aspects are growing in importance and many prioritize soft factors such as wellbeing and healthy food.

According to our market insight and knowledge, listed below are some examples of premium travelers’ soft requirements:

+       Discretional top-class service

+       Privacy

+       Quietness

+       High flexibility / modularity / spacious area for work, rest, sleep, socialize

+       Facilities supporting resting/sleeping/stress less environment

+       Efforts to minimize negative impact from long distance flying/jet lag

+       Healthy food

+       Personalized Services – on-board concierges

+       Updated Crew – Real time Connected Crew

+       Sky nannies

In this group, awareness of the negative health impacts and the risks of the dry cabin air when flying long-haul is a rapidly growing concern.

At CTT, we humbly ask ourselves:

–           Why not reveal the full wellbeing potential and un-lock the passenger experience in the groundbreaking nextgen First Class?

–           Why voluntarily limit the alternatives and the options?

–           Why do almost everything with no ‘limits’ and still be limited to offer the same extremely dry air as airlines have been forced-stuck-with for the past 50 years?