CTT | Humidity In Balance

Added-Value for Airlines

CAIR™ is a soft factor that will be an intangible feel good enhancer for passengers and crew. It is a subjective improvement. The business case has to encounter and quantify the value of the avoidance of extreme humidity exposure to aircraft, passengers and crew.

At CTT, we are convinced that CAIR™ is an evolutionary step for industry leaders continuously innovating:

  •   Boosting further perception of cabin interior comfort
  •   Leapfrogging the wellbeing evolution
  •   Enhancing all investments made in Next generation First Class
  •   Empowering airlines with a tool for differentiation by eliminating diminishing and un-doable factors for further innovation and product development

With CAIR™, the human body will function as it normally does on the ground under normal circumstances. It is a huge difference and the effects on the human body are medically proven but it is a relative experience to other flights and it is hard to be objective and to compare. It will be a significant enhancement for over-all experience with improved wellbeing and a cross-the-border boost of the perception of comfort, food and drinks. Backed by research and customer feedback, CTT states that passengers will be more relaxed and eased when arriving at the destination.

At CTT, we are of the opinion that this in its essence is what premium service is all about: a soft factor for subtle, hardly noticeable improvement of the delivered world class experience: catalyzing without appearing to operate!

Based on our experience CAIR™ will enhance all premium class investments. For example cabin interior, such as super first seating/suites will be perceived as more comfortable, and offered services and products, such as food and wine will become tastier due to flavors being more accessible in the palate.

At CTT, we are convinced that it is time for airlines to reveal the power of all premium investments already being made. Premium travelers can then fully enjoy the best services in the sky. That will instantly reward airlines!

CAIR™ is also a value differentiator for airlines. CAIR™ will open-up a track for differentiation, especially when it comes to food and wine. Instead of being limited to select and combine flavors for extreme humidity conditions, airlines with CAIR™ can pick-and-choose based on ground experiences from tasting and with the human senses such as taste functioning normally.

All the natural wonderful flavors will be revealed in the palate and healthier too, with no need to over doze anything such as salt or sugar.

Increased Humidity is an ‘ingredient’ making more varieties, new species, flavors and combinations possible. And healthier too!

The wine enthusiasts are growing. The importance of selecting wine to meet this demand has increased. Many airlines cooperate with wine sommeliers. With CAIR™, the already extensive wine list can include an even broader range of grapes and tastes. Complex Wines will become more accessible on the palate and nose for all premium guests.

A more complex in-cabin environment of electrical devices will have to take the following into account:

–           Low humidity speeds up formation of static electricity

–           Risk for damaged electrical components by static discharge (ESD)

–           Higher failure rate with IFEs in First due to extremely dry air (more dry than coach)

–           More advanced electronics in Next-generation Cabin Interior

–           More frequent in-flight use of passengers personal handhelds, smartphones, iPads, laptops etc


How to quantify satisfaction?

How to quantify when premium customers, with a relish for luxury, appreciating and valuing excellent quality, can relax more, can taste more of the carefully prepared and particularly selected food dishes (with new flavors), can enjoy wines (from the extended and broader list of wines); and finally in parallel to the services offered – can enjoy the sumptuous premium state-of-the-art cabin interior features?

When striving for perfection: Total customer satisfaction is the most desirable objective.

And the differentiator is not always the most tangible.