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CAIR™ Intro

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Aviation has had an incredible evolution. Some 60 years ago, flying in First Class was a glorious event with exceptional service. For instance, Pan Am Boeing 377 Stratocruiser (double-decker) offered in its First Class, branded as “The President”, individually prepared food served on real china porcelain plates and the seating was advanced not only with the spacious Sleeperette seats but also with a limited number of full-flat berths.

With the entry-into-service of Boeing 707 in the late 50’s the foundation for a magnificent time for efficient commercial long-range travel began.

Many things have improved since Boeing 707 in aerospace, especially when it comes to aircraft technologies and operational efficiency.

But ever since the virgin days of jet airliners and the vanity-era of flying First Class, passengers had to accept dry air as a necessity of evil.

Not any longer:

  • CAIR™ boost comfort, wellbeing and the total experience in First Class & Business Class
  • CAIR™ reveals the full potential of Product & Service Investments in Nextgen First Class
  • CAIR™ provides a tool for continuous evolution and differentiation of food & wine with more flavors

At CTT, we think CAIR™ is another logical piece in the aviation history puzzle rewarding airlines and people on-board.