CTT | Humidity In Balance

The Essence of Comfort

Airlines compete for passenger loyalty in a number of ways. Some focus on wide seats, flat beds, live TV and video on demand to help passengers relax. Others offer Internet access and phone connectivity to make better use of the time in the air. The A350 cabin features all these amenities, but above all, it accommodates a basic, but often neglected, human need.

It is time for soft values that makes a difference!

Well-being is a top priority for premium class passengers and they will get more and more aware of the negative impact of dry air. A number of positive effects comes with an incresed relative humidity in the cabin.

  • You feel better
  • You sleep better
  • Food and drink taste better
  • You arrive more rested
  • You suffer less impact from jetlag
  • You are less sensitive to viruses

Boosting your airline premium brand value

Gain industry recognition being the leading innovative airline, caring for human values by adding ‘a feel good enhancer’.

Extending the culinary experience, cabin humidification is the ingredient for premium travellers to taste even more.

Take the lead as the industry trend setter in passenger comfort and well-being.