CTT | Humidity In Balance

Pure VIP treatment!

The paradox is that those who pay more traditionally get less in terms of cabin humidity. First and business class passengers are much less densely seated than those in other parts of an aircraft. Comfortable yes, but the downside is a greater risk of low atmospheric humidity. While the breath emitted by the larger numbers of economy class passengers helps to keep their cabin air moisture at an acceptable level, the relative humidity in first class can plummet to levels as low as five percent.* 

Don’t expose your premium class passengers to these extremely dry conditions. Treat them as VIPs. Let them enjoy the cabin comfort and well-being throughout the flight, achieived by using the Cair™ system.

Do as Lufthansa!

To improve the cabin comfort for their first class passengers, Lufthansa installed our humidification system, Cair™, in all their A380s. Consequently, as Airbus’ next generation aircraft – A350 – takes to the skies, Cair™ is available as an option there, too.

Touch down in better shape than you took off!

The dry air at high altitudes causes fatigue and discomfort. Long flights amplify the effects. Our humidification system creates a more comfortable onboard climate, easing the strain on body and brain. As a result passengers and crew feel better and stay more alert. At best, they touch down in better shape than they took off.