CTT | Humidity In Balance

Feel the Difference!



You feel better

Humidifying the cabin reduces tiredness and alleviates dehydration of the eyes, skin and linings of the mouth and nose. As in-flight studies show, it also relieves the strain on your immune system. Simply put – you stay healthier! Even long after you touch down.


You sleep better

Good sleep is essential for wellbeing. It is scientifically proven that humidified air helps body and mind come to rest. Moreover, a relaxed person recovers faster from jetlag. The more balanced the humidity, the better the sleep.


Food and drink taste better

Our mission is to help you enjoy the culinary sensations to the utmost – even in mid-air! The recipe is simple. The most important ingredient is humid air, which enhances the flavour of food and beverages.


The final touch for optimized comfort and passenger well-being; cabin humidification is the ingredient.