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Cair™VIP – the journey starts in the cabin


Feel dry when you fly your VIP aircraft? No wonder, as you and your passengers and crew are the only contributers to humidity in your aircraft during cruise, a large VIP aircraft cabin has significantly lower humidity than a first class cabin in an airliner. Simply due to the less amount of passengers.
In fact a VIP aircraft cabin has a humidity level lower than 5 percent RH, dryer than Death Valley. Not any more! 


The Journey starts in the cabin – The dry air at high altitudes causes fatigue and discomfort. Long flights amplify the effects. Our humidification system creates a more comfortable onboard climate, easing the strain on body and brain. As a result you, your passengers and crew feel better and stay more alert. At best, you all touch down in better shape than you took off.

With our solution you can enjoy a healthy climate also in cruise. The key is in the air. Or more specifically: in humidifying the air..