Humidifier Pad Assy by CTT is based on unique IP to obtain OEM compliance

Humidifier Pad Assy -Consumable Original by CTT Systems

The Humidifier Pad Assy is more than just a consumable, it is a pivotal innovation and the heart of the Humidifier Onboard system. In the quest for optimizing and perfecting humidification equipment in aircraft, CTT Systems has crafted original masterpieces for all new widebody airframers since the introduction of the Airbus A380.

Flight deck humidification – for safer skies and healthier pilots

Flight deck humidification - For safer skies and healthier pilots by CTT Systems

In the vast expanse of the sky, where the horizon stretches endlessly, pilots navigate through the clouds, steering their aircraft with precision and care. It’s a place where focus and alertness are paramount, and the environment plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of both crew and passengers. But there’s an invisible challenge up there, one that’s been overlooked for too long: the arid atmosphere of the flight deck.

The importance of humidity for human health

The importance of humidity for human health - CTT Systems

Breathe in deeply. Can you feel the moisture in the air? It’s more than just a sensation; it’s a life-sustaining force that affects everything from your skin to your immune system. Scientists from around the globe have been putting this everyday phenomenon under the microscope, and their findings are nothing short of groundbreaking.