CTT SYSTEMS AB (“CTT”), the market leader of aircraft humidity control system, today celebrates a milestone when receiving its 100th Inflight Humidification VIP system award.

CTT has in total received 100 Inflight Humidification VIP system awards for VIP aircraft from Airbus (ACJ) and Boeing (BBJ), including latest generation narrowbodies, such as ACJ320neo Family and BBJMAX Family, and widebodies, including ACJ350 and BBJ787.
“This is a great milestone achievement not only for CTT but also for our many completion partners involved in the completion projects,” says Peter Landquist, Vice President Senior Advisor Sales of CTT Systems. “Our Inflight Humification VIP system has evolved as a common request in completion projects, especially for VIP aircraft intended for long-haul operations, and with end-customers that value good health, wellbeing and feeling at ease during and after flight. Our IFH VIP system has battle-proven performance in large VIP cabins and holds excellent reliability data.”
About Humidification in large, cabin business jets and VIP aircraft
Without an efficient humidification system, the business jet cabin is far more dehydrating than any place on Earth – below 5 % RH. The Inflight Humidification VIP system generates a striking humidity increase, restoring cabin air humidity to comfort and wellbeing level, to approx. 20 – 23 percent Relative Humidity (RH). VIP and private jet passengers will benefit from reduced dry air related problems (such as fatigue, jet-lag, red eyes, dry skin, degenerated immune system) and thrive from improved wellbeing and better sleep. The CTT humidifier is based on evaporative cooling technology that effectively precludes the transfer of bacteria. The IFH system is protected by the CTT Anti-Fuselage-Condensation system to prevent moisture issues such as rain-in-the-plane.