CTT | Humidity In Balance

Vision & Strategy


Our Vision is that all new Aircraft shall be equipped with CTT non-condensation products for keeping humidity in balance; and all new long-haul aircraft shall in addition have our active humidification products for passengers and crew.

CTT shall with its market power define the industry long-term agenda, technical specifications and pricing for active humidity control in commercial aircraft.


CTT strategy is to consolidate our position as the market leading provider of aerospace products for active humidity control with constant innovation by developing our leading-edge technology together with our customers, providing high product reliability and performance, and by maintaining our focus on being a trustworthy specialized market niche supplier with industry-best know-how and delivery capacity.


Our strategic objectives to deliver shareholder value over-time can be summarized as:

  1.    Maximize the installed base of CTT Products
  2.    Maintain the CTT market- and technology leading OEM-position by extend and develop business relations with Airbus and Boeing;
  3.    Endure as the dominating supplier in the aftermarket by investing in IP and innovation.